Aeroeye has the capability to provide safe and cost effective onshore and offshore inspection services for oil and gas companies. Utilising the leading inspection technology, Aeroeye enabled oil and gas clients to capture high-quality inspection data on demand, and in many cases without the need to shutdown their assets. This results in a significant reduction in costs over time, and allows inspections to occur more often, targeting your corrective and preventative maintenance efforts where they are needed most. Additionally, by using remotely piloted aircraft systems, you remove your workers from the hazardous environments typical in the industry, and therefore greatly improve the health and safety of your organisation.

Potential Applications

  • Live flare stack inspections
  • General topside work
  • Under deck inspections
  • Splash zone inspections
  • Decommissioning
  • Emergency inspections
  • Corridor mapping of pipelines

Oil and Gas - Aerial Asset Inspection

Oil and Gas – Aerial Asset Inspection