If you’re involved in mining or quarrying, you’ll know the importance of safety. Our aerial mapping and surveying services for mines and quarries allow you to capture accurate spatial data from above, greatly reducing the risk by minimising the time spent on site. Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), aka drones, can also boost productivity – surveying projects that use to take days or weeks using traditional equipment can now take just hours. Not only that, but as the data is collected from high above, there is no downtime required while surveyors mobilise around a pit, as is typically the case using terrestrial instruments.

With fewer man hours required to produce both large and accurate data sets, and without the requirement of externally-sourced imagery, we can significantly reduce your costs. We also offer powerful cloud-based tools, enabling you to measure lengths, areas and volumes, track changes over time, and share your data with ease.

Potential Applications

  • Full 3D terrain mapping
  • High-resolution geo-referenced orthomosaics
  • Remote asset inspection
  • Bulk earthworks assessment
  • Volumetric and stockpile analysis
  • Measure slopes, road grades, distances and areas
  • Drainage analysis
  • Monitoring and remediation
  • General aerial photography and video