Construction and engineering projects demand careful planning and monitoring in order to stay on schedule and within cost estimates. Our aerial data services can provide your project with high-accuracy digital surveys, 3D modelling and aerial progress photography (both vertical and oblique). Unlike traditional survey methods, Aeroeye is able to map your entire site down to resolutions of just centimetres, capturing thousands of data points in just a few hours on site. We also increase safety by eliminating the need to have surveying staff operate throughout your construction site.

Add value to your project management with enhanced efficiency, increased tracking and reporting, and reduced cost.

Potential Applications

  • High-resolution aerial surveys
  • Aerial asset inspection
  • Oblique and vertical still photography and video
  • Construction progress photography
  • 3D modelling and analysis
  • Site measurements – volume, width/length, area, height etc.
  • 3D heat maps – monitor changes over time

Aerial Photography - Construction Project Progress

Aerial Photography – Construction Project Progress