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Aerial Asset Inspection

Our highly skilled team operate RPAS (aka drones/UAVs), providing remote asset inspection solutions for your live, high or difficult to reach industrial assets. Our aerial and remote inspection solutions save time (and minimise downtime), reduce costs and assist you to safely achieve your operational goals.

Advanced Technology

Our RPAs are equipped with the latest sensors that enable us to capture high resolution stills, HD video and thermal images of your industrial assets and plant equipment. Our Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft can hover precisely where required and transmit high quality images to your inspection and engineering teams on the ground, or back to your team in your remote office.

Key Benefits

Capture invaluable information about the condition of your assets, allowing you to make critical operational or maintenance decisions.

  • Reduce costs – Keep your assets operational and minimise downtime
  • Rapid turnaround – Receive your inspection results within hours or conduct real-time assessments in the field
  • Minimise risk – Small, unmanned and electric inspection platforms
  • Quality data – Detailed reports to help you plan shutdowns and maintenance activities
  • Reach – Get up and close to your less accessible assets


Why Choose Us?

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Remote Inspection Mining

Wind Turbines
Aerial Asset Inspection - Wind Farms & Turbine Blades

Water Towers
Aerial Asset Inspection - Water Towers

Tanks & Silos
Aerial Asset Inspection - Storage Vessels, Tanks & Silos

Solar Panels
Aerial Asset Inspection - Solar Farms & Panels

Cooling Towers
Aerial Asset Inspection - Cooling Towers

Flare Stacks
Aerial Asset Inspection - Flare Stacks

Industrial Roofing
Aerial Asset Inspection - Industrial Warehouses

Bridges & Rail
Aerial Asset Inspection - Bridges, Roads & Rail

Aerial Asset Inspection - Communication Towers

Aerial Asset Inspection - Power Transmission Lines

Oil & Gas
Aerial Asset Inspection - Oil and Gas